- Out of Beta

  • Hi Folks,
    first of all, I want to say thanks a lot for the big support of our project.
    As I said some weeks ago I was hoping for 500 users during the beta. Now we have 24.000 users and we have streamed 1.000.000 hrs from 19.03.2017 until 05.07.2017.
    This is so huge and crazy. THANKS. THANKS. THANKS.
    We worked a lot the last weeks and as you know I am not a full-time dev. We did our best to come to this point.
    It took longer than expected, but our goal was to eliminate all major bugs. Later more.
    We are leaving beta now, but bugs still may persist.
    Please report any you may find but please be patient, we will fix all of them.
    The following big milestones have been implemented in the last weeks:

    • Payout Engine was completely rewritten and changed from 'single Transaction' to 'send many'.
      We are now able to send out bulk transactions up to 300 payments with one transaction (or more).

    This was the main issue of the payout problems our users experienced the last days as it was not working as designed - but it was necessary to change it because of rapidly growing number of users.
    Some people use the same BRO address (in more accounts) and we also wanted to make these payouts in one transaction. And we want to make sure no coin will be lost. It's finally working now.
    We are very sorry for that and got a goodie for all User, but read on.

    • Payout Address
      We have a lot of new users. A lot of them typed in a Bitcoin address because the didn't know we have our own token. This was also a problem with payouts.
      There is now a check before a new address can be saved in the user profile.

    • Fraud Prevention (Update):
      During registration, Users are now getting an eMail with a confirmation link.
      This needs to be confirmed to activate the Account and enable login. We also hade some users which had over 150 accounts. We deleted them and we will delete other accounts when we see that.

    Every "normal" user will also need to confirm the Account. We want to protect users which are using our service and do not fake. These users will earn more at the end of the day. This is why we do this.
    We need to verify all User Accounts before 2017-06-30. We will find a way to verify this accounts.
    A maximum of 5 User Accounts per IP is legit.
    If more Accounts are detected all Payments are stopped immediately and a staff is needed to unlock.
    We reserve the right to permanently ban user accounts and their Ref's if needed.
    AGAIN: We want to protect users which are using our service and do not fake. These users will earn more at the end of the day. This is why we do this.

    • Password Reset is working again. Reset Engine was completely rewritten.
      Users will now get a Mail to reset the password.

    • Ref-Rally prepared (testing ongoing)
      A user will earn points in a given time period for referring new users.
      At the end of the announced Time Period, there will be a giveaway.
      We think about BRO Master nodes; Cell Phones; maybe Multiplier for a given time, we will see.

    • Furthermore, we fixed:

      • "All time streamed" Minutes in Footer
      • Charts
      • Counter bug on crowd sale page
      • different features of the crowd sale script.

    Out of Beta:
    In order to get a clean fresh Counter Setup for the '"Start", we will refresh all counters. This affects the 'All time earned' and 'All time streamed' of all Users as well.
    All transactions are saved and will not be deleted from the database.

    • 17.000 NEW radio stations are added but not finally checked. This was a very very very big effort.
      We are planning to enable a User Control Panel to let users confirm that a station is working or report as dead. You will earn additional activity points.
      Final testing is finished and we are ready to go. Please leave a comment if you want to participate.

    We are planning a Notification System that will indicate errors as soon as we aware of them. We will insert a small error box on the main page. You will be informed if we have an error. Payout delay or something else.
    As Azu announced in our Telegram Chat we will do a special to compensate your loss over the last days of our maintenance.
    From 2017-07-07 00:00 UTC until 2017-07-13 23:59 UTC we will "Stress-Test" the system and the website while we TRIPLE ALL EARNING!
    There is also the second special. To celebrate our 'out-of-beta' State we will pay 1.9032017 BRO tothe first 500 users.
    that will post their wallet address in Bitcoin Talk Forum or Forum. The day we started with was the 19.03.2017. This is why we give away 1.9032017 coins to 500 Users.
    Sorry for all inconveniences. But we finally go out of Beta.
    Uwe and Azu