Feedback after my first week using bitradio

  • Hi people,
    I started using out of curiosity, like many others. I am a complete newbie when it comes to cryptocurrencies, but since I listen to music all day long, it seemed like a very interesting concept. However, after a week using this website, I came to think that some slight improvements could make the user experience much better.
    1) Volume control: There should be a volume control, since all radios don't use the same volume. Also, it makes it very difficult to listen to a radio while playing a game, since I can't mix the radio and the game's sounds properly. If the radio is too loud compared to the game's maximum volume, then I'm screwed. I read somewhere on the forum that it prevented people from muting the radio and earning BROs without listening to music, but that is plain silly. You can always completely mute your computer's sound if you wish, and if you care to be more subtle, firefox allows you to mute a single tab (I didn't check other web browsers but they might very well have a similar feature).
    2) Radio filters: I think that one is already on the TODO-list, but it's definitely not fun having to skim through many radios just to find one that works, let alone one that works and provide music I like. I think that most of the time, it is due to the radio not being available in my country, but then it should be filtered out. If we could report radios that work/doesn't work, then you could easily set up filters according to the user's web browser or country.
    3) JQuery and optimization: This one is a technical one. From time to time, my browser becomes very laggy, and a pop-up appears to say that one of the website's scripts is unresponsive. It takes a few second to stop it, and sometimes I need to completely kill the process. Unfortunately, I don't know how to reproduce the bug at will, so I can't be very specific, but I can't imagine being the only user experiencing it since it happens on two different computers and networks.
    I assume it is linked to the website's poor optimization. The other day, I was reading a manga online while listening to a radio, and every time I wanted to load a new chapter, I was afraid that everything would crash because the two tabs would be too heavy for the cpu to handle. At some point, and after a couple of crashes, I had to give up and close bitradio. My computer is almost 7 years old, but if I can use it to play modern games, I should be able to read mangas while listening to music, dammit :P
    4) reCAPTCHA and cookies: I understand that bots are a pain for any web service, let alone a web service that allows you to make money somehow, so I'm okay with dealing with an anti-bot system. I won't point out the problems of google reCAPTCHA either, even if it makes me feel outraged every time I have to pass its stupid test. However, if there was a cookie that allowed me to stay connected, then I wouldn't need to pass the reCAPTCHA every time I open my browser, especially when I had to close it because some JS script went wild. If for every reCAPTCHA test, I got a few days respite, then it would make it less of a chore. Since the web site can remember my user name and password between sessions, why not remember that I am not a bot, at least for a couple of times?
    I hope this post won't be taken wrong, since I wouldn't bother writing it if I didn't care about bitradio. Keep up the good work, devs :-)
    EDIT: I got the script error again, here is the pop-up message:
    Warning: Unresponsive script
    A script on this page may be busy, or it may have stopped responding. You can stop the script now, open the script in the debugger, or let the script continue.

  • If the game you are playing is not a Browser one, you can use Windows speakers
    under mix to change the sound for every program separately.
    I am not having the problem with the script in any of the browsers, so this is, a problem you are facing personally.
    You are definitely doing something wrong, cause I have to use the Captcha, if i only log out from bitrad, or do a system clean up.
    Save your login details in your browser, and DO NOT log out, just close the tab, when you want to turn your pc off. That way, you wont have to login every time, thus not doing the captcha.

  • Никаких проблем с использованием сайта не было ни разу.
    Выключил свуз в вкладке и всё.
    Еслит ты рукожоп и не включаешь мозг, то извини это твои проблемы.

  • Bitiofor Yes, there always are workarounds to control the volume, but my point was that it should be part of the GUI, since every other online radio I know offers it, and I see no good reason why bitradio shouldn't.
    If I'm the only one experiencing the script problem, then it's not all that bad, although it happened on two very different configurations. I wish I knew what triggers it, but I only have vague assumptions, unfortunately.
    For the login details, you were right. Since my browser remembers my login/password, I assumed it wasn't cleaning information between sessions, but it actually was. My bad on this one. :P

  • I'am using since 2 weeks and I agree with you re-captcha are really annoying.I have the feeling to waste my time to recaptcha everyhours and for this reason i will certainly give up if they do not improve this point.

  • rikimaru
    It is true that the re-captcha is boring but it is necessary.
    There are always people who do not play the game. There are always people who cheat a bit.
    There are also people who cheat a lot.
    In this type of community, the sharing must be equivalent even if those who created the project earn more than we do. Somewhere it's normal.
    Bitradio is almost free. I say almost because our PCs consume electricity.
    Nobody retains anyone, I think it takes somewhere to be indulgent.
    Thank you for participating in case you go.
    Have a good day.

  • howareyou ,
    it appears you might be ignorant of the issue here. Solving a re-captcha to login is NOT the issue.
    Having to solve one every 20-60mins while being logged in and listening to radio is going seriously overboard with paranoia or just a bug that might need addressing.
    The capture just pops up randomly and I can't change the station or anything without solving it.
    Sometimes the captcha images are even stuck above the visible area in browser window and not solvable unless I close the tab and start again. Again, as said, I AM LOGGED IN !
    Not a way to treat logged in members as cheats the whole time. If you are that paranoid you should not be offing such a service.

  • thedude
    I have no interest in this project. However I see that we do not have the same problems at all.
    I have never encountered any problems of this type when I am in a small country where we are really late compared to the broadband connection.
    I had a lot of problems during the beta phase and at the beginning of the project. I lost a lot of BRO but it was not important. For me, because it's free (except electricity) and also since the time I realized that the technical team is very small. There may be only one person behind this project.
    It is normal that the support is not so efficient.
    In any case, I think your problem is rather related to the environment of your computer. Otherwise we would all have the same problem.
    I use a very small notebook that only does this and consumes very little energy, it is a portable bought used.
    I also hope that "@admin" will be sensitive to all forum comments.