Does Bitradio have future?

  • I really like the idea of the project, but there is something that bothers me. I know that the developers have put much effort in the project, but it's not only the technical part one should deal with. Every now and then I see questions on this forum regarding wallet, bitradio website, masternodes, bro transactions, and those questions are answered by other members of the community (in the best-case scenario) or just left with no answer. So what about the support? The admins don't seem to appear often here ( There are even people who not only haven't received their BROs from the crowdsale but are left without answer for days! I don't understand the creator(s), they have come that far with their startup only to bury it by not solving the problems of the users.

  • wiewiorka
    Here you have almost answered the question!!! What future at such disorder??? nothing normally works: captcha isn't solved on 6-8 circles, the translations don't reach, the website every other time opens, administrators don't answer... only money is well raised!!! Reminds the Ukrainian approach to business - I know I faced them!!!!