new project need programer and coder and drawer

  • OK we actually made it we are going to fornm a mew project a clone of eBay and Amazon but for crypto currency if any one would like to come in and help a little gave ideas and help us choose a name to the website every one is invited for now we are going to add one coin in pre-launch not decided still working on it
    But after we lunch the second coin we will work on is bitcoin and then we will start adding coins and BRO coin is one from after the btc plz admin istrators or admin if you want to join and help us that will be great slot of author coin they are joining to make there coin known to author so these way you will get your coin more stronger market cap
    Unfortunately I will give you guys the link but plz when you join his private text or and email telling me who you are and what can you do so we could add tomato the member list if you did not send any thing you can read talk but you want be one of the staff of our websiteJoin development of the eBay clone site for OHM here :
    This is the link and if you don't know how to send private text this is my email

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