Masternode setup

  • the "notCapableReason" : "Could not find suitable coins!" part only changes, when you have the coins on your masternode wallet (unsafe) so keep your coins in your private wallet and its ok.

    "My Master node status is 9" this is the status the masternode is up and running. so you should get coins from time to time... When it says status 2 your MN isnt running, so it cant produce coins and need the start-command again from your private wallet.

    The amount of coins you get with masternodes varies... some times i get just 0.5 Bro (1Block) and other times I have like 10 or even 12 Blocks i get... so just wait and have a look... In the middle you should get about 3 Blocks per day (720 Blocks per day devided by all masternodes (about 200 active ones) is a bit more than 3 Blocks per day and masternode

    For any kind of Donation/Thank you or something else you can use this BRO-Address: BUsEA8MpnBvhi14eEZMfX75XeSF15agi2L ;)