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    as I know, you can orient at any masternode creation guide for a qt wallet like bitsend, pivx or any other.
    I used this tutorial to setup my masternode:…eate-a-bitsend-masternode
    There are also more secure, but more difficult solutions, like using a linux derivate or storing the coins on a different computer. But I have no experience how to do that.
    The most important thing is to forward the port in you router to the computer running the masternode.
    And you must have a static, not changing, IP address.

    Does anyone know the timeline of the last 2 ICO rounds?
    The last ICO3 is now some time ago, but there is no announcement about the next ICO.

    I think Uwe is at vacation or something.
    Soulistyce, I looked at this transaction at the blockchain and could also not find a payment of 0.09197020 BRO in this transaction.
    Where did you see this TxID? Is this ID shown near the payment in the web interface /Profile/Payout in your account? If yes, the payment was not included in this transaction and there went something wrong and ony the admin can help you.
    In my honor opinion it is not a really good idea for such a "community driven webradio" project, going away without any notice and prividing no support to that community.
    Uwe, if you read this, I was always a radio enthusiast, and I like this project very much. If there is a lack of "admin" manpower, it would be a honer for me to provide a litte bit support this project/forum as best as I can. Please feel free to contact me, I you are interrested. I am not interrested in any salary or similar.

    Yes, you are right, that was my experience. On the masternode the 2500BRO are not staking, but every earned BRO is used to stake on the masternode.
    But on my other staking-only wallet I noticed, that after the first reward, the "staking weight" was reset to 1.
    Do I have to wait another 8h before the "staking weight" was set to the correct value, reflecting the number of coins in that wallet?

    I also hope, that the dev(s)/admins show more activity in the next time. I really like this project and plan to buy more coins in the next ICO rounds.
    But in lack of the essential support of the devs here in this forum, I am not sure about doing the right.

    OK, in the github sourcecode I found:
    "Stake Minimum Age: 8 Hours"
    My problem was, that I have spend 2500 BRO to my masternode address. After this, I could not find the remaining coins on my origin address after entering at "bitradio explorer".
    So i have sent this remaining coins to another receiving address in my wallet and now it is staking with the correct weight.
    As I have read it is neccessary, that the received coins are untouched. If I receive 1000 BRO and send 500 BRO to another one, the remaining 500 BRO are not staking.
    You have to send the 500 BRO to another address in you wallet (payment to yoursenf), wait 8h and it should stake.
    Hope the admin will be more active in this forum in the future, this is essential for this project!

    Now 100% the same masternode wins! Only transactions with same sender and receiver. For me this looks like hacking the masternode system. Or has someone another explanation?
    That looks strange!!!