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    Still locked out. Havent logged in since the last time i posted. Wish there was like an admin or something you know? Some support here in the bugs sub forum. Guess thats too much to ask for.

    Oh, well thats different. Because yeah she used my referral to make her account back in the day. So thats the deal huh? But even at that... We still arnt able to get on and receive activity points.
    An admin posting on this would be great....

    I havent been on in a long while... months and months. My wife and i have our own offices and we used to be able to listen to our own accounts, but now it seems you cant do that anymore? What happened to "Up to 4 accounts per ip"? To make things worse, i logged us out of our accounts and left it alone for about an hour, logged back in on just mine and we have multiple accounts ban still. So i figured the "until we detect single user" meant listening to the radio. So i went along and listened to a favored channel for a while...... refreshed he page and still banned. Wtf... So i logged out, left it alone for another hour... logged back in. Still detecting multiple users.... hours later.
    This is annoying, as my wife listens to different music than i do and she wants to keep her bro for herself as part of her crypto earnings... so its not like we can use the same account login.