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    Das ist 'n problem, was in letzter Zeit oft auftritt. Ich selber habe das seit monaten beobacted und gestern 3 mal live verfolgt. Da ist nichts, was du an deinem ende machen kannst - ich vermute da ist n Bug im Zahungs system oder überarbeitung a Werk. Die "All time eraned" statistic im Profil reflecktiert was du verdient hast, leider nicht was wirklich ausgezahlt wurde... <- bezüglich der verschwindenen Coins.
    Ich habe gelesen, dass die neuen Sicherheits-Updates nicht mit aktuelen Chrome Browsern klarkommen (zB)... probiere mal verschiedene Browser - Firefox soll laufen, und ich benutze IceDragon (that's like the good version of Firefox).
    If that ain't helping i got no clue

    I can't find your wallet either - nor can i send you messages from my wallet. It too claims you are not on the blockchain.
    Can you try to create a new wallet (perhaps on a different machine and later migrate the private keys to your machine)? Maybe that helps - better trying silly stuff than sendin' more Coins into nirvana, don't ya think?
    Read up on the details - you can import the block data you already synced, so it should not take days again.
    Well, that's just my wild ideas - hope it helps you somewhat

    gruber_69 I actually think a scam is highly unlikely - being in Germany with their sick up the pooper feds and laws and being so public such a scam would kill their career - especially with an successful ico one would not want that...
    I guess it's just some system bug or overwork issue - i don't know how big the team is or if there is an actual team at all;
    But i read though that the owner has a regular day job he has to deal with on top. So probably just poop piling up that can't be dealt with in time. My guess...
    An ico, successful or not isn't exactly vacation btw - still sucks but getting worked up doesn't do monkey balls ;)

    Yeah man ... sure, haven't looked into blockcain or wallet codes though ...
    However, just now i observed another ~0.1BRO disappearing. This time though i noticed it is actually added to the total earning statistics thing - just not payed out...
    Sooo, in theory, one could compare that statistic to each users wallet and add up all transactions in the blockchain from the payment wallet. Doing so one could get the missing amount and send it for real... theoretically, if one really wanted... would be an evening of programming though, if one wanted a bot to do that - just saying ┐( ̄ヮ ̄)┌

    Do you have any clue whether the payout is automated or manual?
    I noticed disappearing balances since way back but was never really worked up about it...
    Well i just contacted support 'cause it happened 2 times today and my Wallets Balance is despite receiving staking rewards smaller that my profiles "All time earned" Amount... so yeah there is something going on. It is indeed a bit disheartening to actually witness it happen. Went to the Profile to pick from my favorites and saw that my Balance was ~0.1BRO less again. No payouts since yesterday.
    That being said, if it is manual processed, mistakes just might happen ᕙ(⇀‸↼‶)ᕗ

    I'm going through tons of stations right now; since 90% don't work (probably 'cause of my choice of music though).
    Came across "Big B Radio #Jpop Station" with just trows a "404 Not Found" when tapped/clicked.
    I reckon the "#" might screw stuff up... maybe have a look at that kinda stuff.
    Anyone else experiencing similar things?

    Hey, i'm running into not working stations all day, so maybe i ca nbe of use as well.
    I'm using IceDragon though ( with is Comodo's fork of Firefox ) - 100% Firefox compadible, just safer...
    If that's cool feel free to add me too : ref=46257
    otherwise, should i report not working or dead stations; using that "report problem" thingy?

    I also have no sound from any Station's streams. All that happens when clicking/tapping play is that yellow, warning-tape-looking, bar starts scrolling; maybe that indicates connection attempts? Should that change eventually?
    I have tested in my default browser Ice Dragon (Comodo's Firefox Fork Thing, 100% Firefox compatible), Firefox, IE, Torch, and Chrome. On Windows 10 as well as on Android. All the same. I have of course disabled all plugins and extensions as well.
    Have tried different stations from different countries etc. too.
    *That welcome jingle thingy plays just fine and all other websites and services work - so just the streams do nothing.
    Hope that info helps.
    So, Gensokyo Radio from Tokyo works - that's the only one i found so far. My usual goto OASIS Radio seems offline... could it be that i only tried all-offline stations; do you perhaps have tons of dead stations listed ?!
    After choosing Stations at random from the "similar"-field below the player, only 30% or so actually played - I mostly listen to instrumental/ electronic stuff, no clue how the hit and miss rate is among main stream stuff...