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    okuneva Hello, in my case I just used wallet bitradio for windows, so I find it difficult that exactly the same problem with caching as yours.
    The best perception I had about my problem was that there was a problem in the wallet that closed it and for some reason kept a process running in the background preventing me from deleting the files in the binary folder and opening the Portfolio UI again by displaying the error message.
    I'm still monitoring

    Ulric I am absolutely sure not, because I could not even open the wallet and this was the reason for my request for help.
    It seems to me that for some problem the wallet has closed and some process has been running in the background, this explains the error message when trying to start the wallet and trying to delete the files from the Bitradio folder.

    Ulric I tried to do the synchronization process from the beginning, and to my surprise I could not delete the files from the folder &quot;C: \ Users \ <user> \ AppData \ Roaming \ Bitradio&quot; when trying to get it sent a message saying that it was not possible delete the &quot;txleveldb&quot; and &quot;smsgStore&quot; folders as they were being used in other processes.
    It was then that I had the idea of restarting my computer and unbelievably my problem was solved the wallet started and synchronized normally with everything in place.
    It really seems that there was some problem with the wallet but I can not say exactly what.

    joao I again downloaded the Bitiradio wallet, and when running the same problem occurs, then I followed the orientation of the link that sent and again the problem persists.
    I believe my only alternative is to sync everything again, did I back up the file &quot;Wallet.dat&quot; is there any more that I should worry about?

    Hello everyone, I'm new here in the forum
    I had a problem running my wallet, it seems that something corrupted more I'm not sure.
    I researched a lot about my problem but I did not find a solution.
    Maybe I'll sort it out by syncing my wallet, I want to avoid having to do it like that.
    Can someone tell me a solution to this problem?