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    the Screenshot shows the Darksend feature which is does an anonymization of the Coins...
    This is not the ICO which is still ongoing...
    Values for ICO can only be seen on the Webpage and may change till all pending Payments are received.
    Funds will be paid shortly after all Transactions are confirmed!
    Please be patient, as BTC Blockchain has a TX Backlog!
    Thank You.
    Cheers Azu

    Hi there, the answer can only be : YES!
    On Windows Clients you'll find an Data Directory in
    %APPDATA%/Bitradio (/User/.Bitradio - on Linux Clients) which contains your download of the Blockchain as well as the Private Keys for your Wallet. If your Drive crashes and/or lose Access to this you also lost your Coins.
    For me there are 3 Solutions to Backup:
    1) Create an Archive with the whole Content of the Bitradio-Folder you find in %APPDATA%.
    If you do this regulary and your Maschine crashes or you want to move to another Machine the Client will sync faster as you have most of the Blocks when you unpack this Archive.
    2) just take the wallet.dat File from the %APPDATA%/Bitradio Folder and Store them in a Safe Place...
    3) Maybe for Pro's and paranoids - If you want to be failsafe of any Storage Drive - export your Private Key from Client, Print It and keep it in your favourite Secret Place!
    In Wallet Client go to "Help>Debug>Console" hit "dumpprivkey (your BRO-Coin)" followed by Enter and the following Output-Line is the Private Key to BRO Adress.
    This can be importet to a new Client in the sameway by using &quot;importprivkey <yourprivkey> <label>&quot; instead of dumpprivkey...
    Questions? Ask!
    Drop me a Line here in Forum or join your Telegram-Group.
    Cheers Azu

    Guess there were only 2 causes to get these...
    1) unclean compiled from GitHub, won't happen with our Download Version!
    2) Corrupted Blockchain, the Solution(s) to fix are these:
    There are 2 Options to fix this Issue:
    1.) Let your Wallet look for missing Transactions:

    • close your Client
    • Start your Wallet by Hand with:
    • Windows Key + R and enter the following:
      \path\2\your\Wallet\Bitradio-qt_v1000.exe -rescan (followed by Enter or click OK)

    This starts your Client and let it check all Blocks it has downloaded... (Wallet will be unresponsive while doing this but it's faster than the other Option!)
    If Method 1 didn't work for your Issue Method 2 will do the Job, as long as the Client was compiled right!
    2.) Complete resync of your Blockchain:

    • Close Client
    • Hit Windows + R and enter: %appdata% (followed by Enter or click OK)
    • open Bitradio Folder
    • copy your &quot;wallet.dat&quot; File to a Safe place!!!
      (This File is essential, it contains all Private Key(s) to your Wallet(s) - Should be stored in a safe Place in any Case!)
      delete all Files and Folders in the Bitradio Folder except the wallet.dat)
    • restart your Bitradio Wallet

    Sync should start within 5 Minutes and might take up to an hour to be finished (depends on Connection Speed and available Clients)
    If you run into any Problems please drop me a Line here in the Forum or Join our Telegraph Chat for Instant help!
    cheers Azu

    Hi there ,
    as mentioned earlier, this is a Bug!
    At the Moment non working Stations are Displayed in the Listings.
    All Stations with only a red Chrome shouldn't show up to Users!
    Every Station is added and checked by Hand, these were reported not to work and will be fixed!
    Sorry for inconvenience, but as you might have seen the List isn't short and it might take a while!
    Post your Top10 Stations and I'll try to fix them this Weekend!
    Cheers Azu!

    not sure how hungry Ubuntu 16 is for RAM, with 2 GB you should be on the safe side...
    ...the Sense of Masternode is to harden the Network; so if you run more than one on a Machine it seems senseless to me, as If this Machine wents down more than one Node is taken from the Network!
    cheers Azu

    Hi there,
    first of all: please only use the Forum for Screenshot's!
    It seems that you've messed up the Proxy Settings.
    As far as I know these are only stored in the registry!
    As I got no Mac I could only hope that you know how to delete entries by yourself, else you'd need to ask Aunty Google! ;)

    • just close your Wallet (close Error Message if still open)
    • Start your Registry-Editor and search for Bitradio
    • delete all Bitradio Key's
    • start Wallet

    As long as you kept your wallet.dat in MacOS equivalent Folder to %appdata% on Windows you don't have lost any Coins.
    Good Luck and let me know if it worked.
    Cheers Azu

    1) Great! Your prepared to receive you payments!
    2) This fault is not on our Side! As stated in &quot;As told in &quot; - Test ICO final result&quot; thread your Transaction was not accepted by the Bitcoin Network yet. As soon as it got 5 confirmations there you will earn your reward in % from the ICO.
    3) Your part of the bought ICO Coins will be send to your Wallet shortly after the ICO Sale is officialy finished - 01d:16h:04m:20s till it's over, atm!
    Until then you'll only be rewarded for the Minutes you spend hearing to a Radio Station!
    Hope this answers your question in deep.
    If not let me, usually 1 Post should do the Job as I read and answer them all!
    best regards, Azu

    If you got a valid Account (Payout Address set in Profile Page you'll get your BRO Coins after the ICO ends.
    Keep in mind that the amount of Coins and value per Coin will change if more people participate!
    cheers Azu!

    Hi there,
    iOS and Android Apps are planned as well as a mobile Page.
    We are already in touch with an Dev but actually there are other things we need to sort out first.
    cheers Azu