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    azu Interestingly it turns out - % BRO 195, 0.02 at the price 0.00000175 BTC has been bought (not only that it is elementary to consider 195 BRO - much less expected!), and now "Left time in Sale 00:00:00:00" also became 0.01% and 98 BRO! It what everything turns out have counted at the new price in 0.00001052 BTC for 1BRO?! :-/

    admin 1) I have entered the address from Wallet (PC) into a profile on the website everything well.
    2) From three made transaction, two were confirmed, one and hangs...
    3) On the website shows % of a share and the number of the bought BRO! But in Wallet in PC DOESN'T SHOW! Only quantity for listening...
    Or can will are registered after official entry into ICO ?!
    To stat and when are on ICO?

    admin Hi!!! 1) At me there doesn't take place 1 transaction in any way: e1ddab17ba6b0db371c09fea7b1f7c7d1fad4ba524d63deb4de0efbd95ef98c5 did on this wallet: 1BKFJyXwKdu8Thtavr9Wf5ULnnJNo1GX7Z
    2) The paid BRO on the website are displayed, and in Wallet (in PC) is NOT PRESENT!!! why so??? It will improve???
    Wallet in PC:
    My ID: 8727 (if I am right - it is number in my referral link)

    DON'T PANIC!!! At me also, and at my invited...
    But you shouldn't forget a stage the TEST BETA now!!! Bugs and other problems - norm!!! On the solution of problems time is necessary! Sharp growth of popularity has entailed load of system...

    Hi!!! 15.05.2017 in the section "crowdsale" made two transaсtion:
    1) on a purse 1BKFJyXwKdu8Thtavr9Wf5ULnnJNo1GX7Z a transaсtion: e1ddab17ba6b0db371c09fea7b1f7c7d1fad4ba524d63deb4de0efbd95ef98c5 - still unconfirmed (in the Blockchain system), but on the website was displayed with the status unconfirmed!
    2) I made the second on a purse (on the website in the section "crowdsale" pressed to update a purse) 1FMPTiPB5YE2fWnurmyjGWQD9GFqNaZLqV
    transaction: cf28b7d6da0c4719b2005822511e2e5c0d9164f755555252f5239f5a26c3b4a0 - CONFIRMED (in the Blockchain system), but on the website ( DIDN'T APPEAR!
    What to do? It will improve???
    Excuse for bad English))))