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    maybe just post a screen of your problem... I dont see anything that causes this issue... Maybe WlanWernerWorld   Costa could help...

    Tank you.

    Today I cleared all the cookies and cache data from chrome since I had problems with another site that was not loading, I went back to the site to try to see if the problem disappeared and nothing.

    Here I leave a picture of what appears.

    Hmm,... maybe make a clean relog (log out, clear all cookies then, log back in and have another try) Sometimes it helps alot :D

    I tested in another browser that I have never used the bitradio, as it is a different browser does not have the cookies of the site in it, but still the problem persists.

    just reload the page before submitting the captcha and you never have any problems :D

    I have tried this in several possible ways.

    Load after receiving an error.

    Load before error.

    Enter the captcha and load to do it again.

    Still nothing.

    Recentemente voltei a usar o site e também troquei a carteira já que o site que eu usava como carteira parou de aceitar a moeda.

    Eventualmente tudo arrumado para receber, ao ir em uma estação de rádio para ouvir e ver se está tudo nos conformes, recebe um código de erro ao tentar fazer o captcha.

    Já fiz mais de 6 captcha diferente e o erro persiste.


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