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    At present one generates with MN approx. the 3-fold as with PoS (staken). (30% per year and approx. 10% per year)

    On the Bitradio side, the MN shares are always sold out immediately and if at all only Stake shares are on offer (which only earn a third of interest).

    Although a BRO-MN only costs 56 € at the moment, I don't want to buy it, but rather save it over the time, that's faster with an MN. Since I already operate several VPS anyway, this does not cause me any additional costs.

    Therefore I look here for interested people who think exactly the same. But I don't feel like making hundreds of transfers every month, so the shares don't go to the first interested people, but to those who want the most shares.

    Currently there are 142 MN, with another one each share will receive about 0.2556 BRO per month.


    - There are no fees or costs, all MN rewards are distributed 100% to all shareholders.

    - The masternode (BqnwmSAUpGR6CtAvmAuLyFuGnoE3S2bpdE) is divided into 250 shares: 1 share = 10 BRO.

    - The rewards are calculated monthly and paid at the beginning of the month for the previous one.

    - The shares can also be sold again at any time (without fees), simply send a PM in the forum to me. Since I run the MN, I approve the pre-emption right and buy all shares that are for sale. The remaining shares are offered here in the forum, whereas the 2nd right of pre-emption is held by those who already have shares.

    - I can end this offer at any time by repaying the share price to the owner(s).


    Phase 1: Who is interested and how many shares should be reserved without obligation? (Please add your sender's address, this is also the payout address)

    Phase 2: As soon as all shares are "sold", all interested investors who want to buy the most shares have 2 days to pay their shares to the above address. If the deadline is exceeded, the interested investors move up with fewer shares and can purchase the shares.

    -> will be updated here:

    Interested investors:

    Hui: 50 shares

    still available: 200 shares (10 BRO each)

    Z.Z. erwirtschaftet man mit MN ca. das 3-fache wie mit PoS (staken). (30% pro Jahr und ca. 10% pro Jahr)

    Auf der Bitradio-Seite sind die MN-Shares immer sofort ausverkauft und wenn überhaupt nur Stake-Shares im Angebot (die nur ein Drittel an Zinsen bringen).

    Obwohl ne BRO-MN z.Z. nur 56 € kostet, hab ich keine Lust sie zu kaufen, sondern spare sie mir lieber zusammen. Schneller geht das mit ner MN. Da ich sowieso schon mehrere VPS betreibe, verursacht mir das auch keine zusätzlichen Kosten.

    Deshalb suche ich hier Interessenten, die genauso denken. Ich habe aber keine Lust jeden Monat hunderte Überweisungen zu machen, deshalb gehen die Shares nicht an die ersten Interessenten, sondern an die, die die meisten Shares haben wollen.

    Aktuell gibt es 142 MN, bei einer weiteren wird jeder Share im Monat ca. 0,2556 BRO erhalten.


    - Es fallen keine Gebühren oder Kosten an, alle MN-rewards werden zu 100% auf alle Anteilseigner ausgeschüttet.

    - Die Masternode (BqnwmSAUpGR6CtAvmAuLyFuGnoE3S2bpdE) wird in 250 Shares aufgeteilt, somit kostest 1 Share = 10 BRO.

    - Die Rewards werden monatlich berechnet und am Anfang des Monats für den vorangegangenen ausgezahlt.

    - Die Shares können auch jederzeit (ohne Gebühren) wieder verkauft werden, dazu einfach eine PN im Forum an mich schicken, Da ich die MN betreibe, genehmige ich mir das Vorkaufsrecht und kaufe alle Anteile auf, die zum Verkauf stehen. Die restlichen Anteile werden hier im Forum angeboten, wobei das 2. Vorkaufsrecht die besitzen, die schon Anteile haben

    - Ich kann dieses Angebot jederzeit beenden, indem ich den Anteilspreis an den oder die Eigner zurückzahle.


    Phase 1: Wer ist interessiert und wieviel Anteile sollen unverbindlich reserviert werden? (Absendeadresse dazuschreiben, dies ist auch die AZ-Adresse)

    Phase 2: Sobald alle Anteile "verkauft" sind, haben alle Interessenten, die die meisten Anteile kaufen wollen, 2 Tage Zeit ihre Anteile an obige Adresse einzuzahlen. Sollte hier die Frist überschritten werden, rücken die Interessenten mit weniger Anteile nach und können sich durch Einzahlung die Anteile verbindlich sichern.

    -> wird hier aktualisiert:


    Hui: 50 Shares

    noch verfügbar: 200 Shares (zu je 10 BRO)

    Ich glaube nicht, dass du Masternodes gekauft hast, diese sind nur sehr selten im Angebot (wenn bisherige Besitzer ihre Anteile verkaufen).

    MN-Shares haben die Bezeichnung: (z.B.) "BRO 25".

    Du hast vermutlich Stakeanteile gekauft. (z.B.) "STAKE 21". Staken kannst du zwar auch selbst, aber diese Stake-Anteile haben den Vorteil, dass du regelmäßige Einnahmen hast, auch wenn du nur wenig BRO hast. Würdest du z.B. mit nur 2,5 BRO mit deinem eigenen Wallet staken, würdest du vermutlich in einem Monat keine einzige Belohnung (1 reward = 0,5 BRO) bekommen, obwohl dein PC und das Wallet rund um die Uhr in Betrieb sind. Die vorraussichtliche Dauer würde beim akt. Netzgewicht 591 Tage betragen.

    Die jährliche Rendite der MN-Shares hängt ab von der weltweiten Anzahl der MN und beträgt z.Z. 27.24%. Steigt die Anzahl der MN, sinkt die Rendite.

    Die jährliche Rendite der STAKE-Shares hängt ab vom minütlich schwankenden Netzgewicht. (z.Z. 1.064.200) und liegt z.Z. bei 10,4%. Steigt das Netzgewicht (Gesamtzahl der stakenden Coins), sinkt die Rendite. Ein Stake-Share dürfte also eine monatliche Rendite von 0,0217 BRO ergeben.
    Die Rendite der MN-Shares ist in der Regel immer höher als die PoS Rendite. In letzter Zeit sank die Anzahl der MN sogar, wodurch sich die MN-Rendite erhöhte.

    Die Angabe, dass die Gebühr von 6$ (für 1000 Shares) abgezogen wird, ist veraltet. Wenn man das machen würde, müsstest du noch jeden Monat draufzahlen. :-D

    Die monatlichen Einnahmen einer MN betragen z.Z. 0,86 €. Daher werden keine Gebühren abgezogen.

    Zu deiner letzen Frage:
    Nein, das kann nicht richtig sein, ist aber so^^.

    Die Auszahlung der Belohnungen war zuletzt Juli 2018 pünktlich, seitdem verspätet sich die Auszahlung jeden Monat immer mehr (k.A. warum).

    Auszahlungsdaten der Vergangenheit:






    Die Auszahlung für Dezember ist also nun 14 Tage überfällig.

    I'll tell you why. CAPTCHA used to solve it quickly, now it takes a long time + it jumps out five times in a row + if you do not have time to enter it in time it issues an error. Even when you enter your profile, it pops up + discards from the account + the connection to the node is lost. but it already irritates me.

    I just read your post now.

    I refresh the page first, and then click on the captcha. I don't have your problems. Only when logging in you have to solve the captcha and if you play a station afterwards you have to solve it again. That's unnecessary. But this only happens once per PC start. Less than once a day for me.

    No, I understood that. That's why I asked you if you were bored... I don't think I'm the only one who gets it when it's still not accepted after 10 tries. Maybe you'll enjoy this.

    The ambition of Google captchas is to see if there is a bot working WITHOUT having to click on those fucking pictures. Just click 1 button - done.
    This may not always work, but the fact is that it's easier now.

    And that it is better to refresh the page was already like this before.

    So it's too easy for you. You'd rather click on these fucking pictures and spend several minutes on it, OK you can. But why should the other Bitradio users do the same?

    google captchas cannot be solved by bot. It was previously possible, but not at the moment. What you can do today by bot: Let someone else solve the captcha in real time. (There are some in developing countries who are paid to do this all day). Of course, you have to pay for that. Or you can collect points at certain services where you release captchas from others and then later redeem these points for your own captchas, which others then solve for you.

    The problem is, everything is financed by advertising. And if customers don't even see the advertising, it's completely worthless. But companies pay for it. And of course they don't pay for potential customers who aren't even there.

    It wouldn't work without captchas! Are you throwing money away? Neither do companies.

    The sellers will probably be clever enough to exclude such speculative transactions (terms and conditions / AGB), because that is not the purpose of selling goods.

    And if the dealer allows this, he must probably also bear the risk that this is exploited by customers.

    XRP may stay in the TOP10, but BTC will never replace it. For one simple reason: it is not decentralized, it is a banking product.

    And so it contradicts the basic idea of a crypto currency to create a decentralised currency that cannot be manipulated by third parties.

    My English is weak too. Don't say you speak German, I'll laugh my ass off.

    And if so, if we can talk in German, I would prefer to do so.

    I'm sorry, I don't understand why you multiply two rounded values, what's the point? (221 * 4256)

    Besides, it is completely unnecessary to calculate every block number. It doesn't make sense to me.

    Why don't you just use the formulas (see other topic)?

    Do you understand your calculation? ;)

    4256 / 608 / 25.33 are the real blocks generated per week / day / hour (at block time 142.1 sec).

    Seconds per week = 3600 * 24 * 7 = 604800

    604800 / 4256 = 142.1 sec block time

    86400 / 608 = 142.1 sec block time

    3600 / 25.33 = 142.1 sec block time

    38165 was a typo of me, it should be 37165.

    And you must realize that 221 is a rounded value. If you use it to calculate further, you will get rounding errors.

    The smaller this value, the larger the rounding errors.

    Have you read my other post yet? Bitradio (BRO) Proof of Stake (PoS) mining calculator

    But at this point at the latest you should see that your calculator is miscalculating. :)

    Because 608 blocks result from the block time of 142.1 seconds.

    You calculate with 120 seconds and still get the right block size - that is not possible. :)

    And now comes the biggest joke: No matter which block size you enter into your calculator, block number #608 always come out on the first day.

    Only the annual interest rate changes, but it is also calculated incorrectly...

    Let's talk about it in your other thread Bitradio (BRO) Proof of Stake (PoS) mining calculator, I'll write you a comment about what's wrong.

    First of all, have you written the code yourself or found a calculator that you are trying to customize for BRO?

    I'm afraid I can't give you any praise for the part that does the math. :)

    If I could give you some advice, put the code in the trash and start again. The necessary math. formulas are simple.

    What did you include "bootstrap.min.js" for? Are the block numbers also calculated there or only the annual interest rate?

    I don't want to take a closer look, it's like looking for a needle in a haystack. Its for the trash too.

    How does result #608 come about? Does the script still get the current block time from somewhere? (I can't imagine it any other way) This doesn't work, of course, if you still have an input field on the left, then 2 different values are calculated. The block time has DIRECT influence on the amount of daily rewards, and that doesn't work at all in your calculator.

    I don't know what each block number is calculated for. Who wants to know this? ;) The script works quite slowly even with small amounts. Enter 4,000,000. :D

    And then you have to scroll down a thousand pages to see the annual ROI. And it's wrong, too. 8o

    For example, if you work with your start values and enter 840... (Look at the annual ROI)

    After that, you put in 840,000 and the ROI is lower? Why??( It would have to be higher, because the rewards increase the balance and they could even get a reward (theoretically).

    The fact is, the interest calculation is always wrong (in both cases too small).

    There are coins (without fix block reward), so it would make sense to include the rewards in the interest calculation, but not here at BRO.

    Despite all the calculations, you never know when exactly you'll get the rewards, so it doesn't make sense for me to use the balance "increased" by the stake to use the expected time for the next reward.

    My formula for the annual interest therefore only takes into account the initial balance.

    Why don't you do it like this:

    As a result, you calculate:

    Total weekly rewards = 86400 / block_time * balance / net_weight * stake_reward * 7

    Total monthly rewards = 86400 / block_time * balance / net_weight * stake_reward * 30

    Total annual rewards = 86400 / block_time * balance / net_weight * stake_reward * 365

    Expected Time to earn reward (hours) = net_weight * block_time / balance / 3600

    Expected Time to earn reward (days) = net_weight * block_time / balance / 86400

    Expected Time to earn reward (weeks) = net_weight * block_time / balance / 604800

    Annual interest (%) = Total_annual_rewards * 100 / balance

    ROI (in days) = 36500 / annual_interest

    additional input field: min_stage_age (hours) = 8

    Max split amount = block_time * net_weight / min_stage_age / 3600

    The amounts should not be larger than "max split amount".

    If they are, they take less than 8 hours to stake, but are locked for 8 hours afterwards. Therefore it makes sense to calculate this.

    I would keep the part of the code that retrieves the amount of the BRO address, rewrite the rest with the formulas.

    But these are just the theoretical values. They would be correct if the block time is 120 seconds.

    I have analyzed the block time from the beginning to about the end of March 2018. Since the 33rd calendar week 2017, the weekly block time has been absolutely stable between 139 and 145 seconds. (average 142.1 seconds)

    Therefore the above calculation again for the actual values:

    (network weight 941384)

    To earn a 0.5 BRO reward every week your need a balance of 221 BRO (network weight / 4256 blocks per week).

    To earn a 0.5 BRO reward every day your need a balance of 1548 BRO (network weight / 608 blocks per day).

    To earn a 0.5 BRO reward every hour your need a balance of 37165 BRO (network weight / 25,33 blocks per hour).

    So you need about 18% more coins, like according to the theoretical values.

    I have a suggestion on how to further improve performance.

    You use the 5 bytes of bethash to determine the DICE ROLL, after you have split it into 5-byte groups.

    In my opinion, this is unnecessarily time-consuming. Furthermore, it could have a negative effect on the random distribution if in about 5% of all cases not the first group of 5, but the second or third group is used. (I didn't check)

    Why not just use the first 8 bytes of bethash? You save the whole loop (code), because it is much easier to read a double word directly.

    1. (0...128).step(5) do |i|
    2. integer = bet_hash[i, 5].to_i(16)
    3. next if integer > 1_000_000

    Then divide the integer value by 42949672.95

    You'd think dividing by 10,000 would be faster, but as far as I know this is not the case. The CPU does not simply move the decimal point, but a division is always a repeated subtraction, so it makes no difference by which number you divide.

    The results are values between 0 and 100.