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    I am using the in the company I work company and there are 4 more people using at the same time with different accounts however all are connected on the same wifi network. In total there are 5 different accounts connected on the same wifi network. Today the following message appeared: We detected multiple Accounts from your IP Address.

    No further Activity Points will be rewarded. As soon as we measure your activity, you will be automatically rewarded again.

    Please use only one account.

    I imagine it must be because we are all connected on the same wifi network.

    What should I do?

    *sorry for the bad english:)

    - Station name: Radio Sobre Rodas

    - Continent: America

    - Country: Brasil

    - City: São Paulo

    - Short description: Radio dedicated to the universe of the vehicles and mobility.

    - Long description: It is the first radio with programming totally dedicated to the universe of the vehicles and the mobility. Although it began airing in early 2017, the embryo of the idea was the bulletin Sobre Rodas, aired on Rádio USP de São Paulo from 1997 to 2011, later replaced by Mobilidade, now broadcast on USP Radio Ribeirão Preto.

    Journalism brings news from the vehicle sector in Brazil and abroad, as well as economic and political newsletters. Mobility, launches, parts and accessories, embedded technology, design, preventive maintenance and safe and economical steering are some of the diverse themes related to this universe that are aired daily by Rádio Sobre Rodas. Live coverage of the collective of the main entities of the sector, international salons and other events make programming even more exclusive.

    - logo (1000x1000 png): [IMG:]

    - What kind of music: Pop / Rock / Flash Back / Brazilian

    - Website url: