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    You need to add the port behind the IP in the bitradio.conf on your VPS (in my case it works like this)

    Also maybe its something because of the comma in the error message, so it could be possible, that there is an error inside your masternode.conf or bitradio.conf. If you want, you can send me your files via PN (with the removed masternodeprivkey) and i can have a look.

    But first pls try to add the port in the externalip.

    Tested it now on my side. Me got some problems too, but got a way to get it included. It need some testing/approving, but if my workaround is checked by the dev, I will announce it here, so you guys can enter the stations too...

    So think you will get your station soon, so you can listen to it.

    For me it does work... Maybe you are missing some infos or have another issue. Can you pls provide all info you want to add for the station... me can test it then.

    Also can you pls provide your User-ID, your used browser and your OS-Version? Maybe something of this is causing the issue...

    У меня точно такая же проблема только с кошельком Paccoin. Я не знаю, куда еще обратиться, может быть, вы можете. В поддержку Паккойн писал несколько раз во всех официальных социальных сетях, но ответа нет. Я сделал все по инструкции, но на балансе отображается ноль. И каждый раз , когда вы начинаете бумажник выдает ошибку: "

    «Ошибка чтения
    wallet.dat. Все ключи читаются правильно, но данные транзакций или
    записи адресной книги могут отсутствовать или быть неверными». Я нажимаю «ОК», и после синхронизации
    кошелька баланс все еще равен нулю. Почему мои средства не восстанавливаются ???


    Also you need to give many information (as described in the rules, you hopefully read and not just accepted...

    Things like country and description as well as at least one genre are required... Me don't in what else is required to not produce an error, but I can figure out after my vacation.

    Hey, you need matured coins (8h or 240 blocks old (confirmations)). Also you need to have your wallet open and unlocked. You need to be syced and your time need to be ok. you can check all this in Tools -> Debug Console with getstakingstatus

    It will output something like this:

    The Multisend option is a way to send the rewards you gain from staking/masternode to another address if they are sepndable (41 confirmations). So you dont need this :D

    If you just installed the wallet the first time it could help, when you restart the wallet and wait for finish the sync to get the Staking started.

    Hope this helps

    sincerely Jafu29 (Jan)

    If I create new wallet I will lost all money in old wallet. Right?

    Cause you just remame your "old/backuped" wallet.dat you dont lose any coins... Just follow this guide:

    1. Start your wallet and backup your actual wallet.dat
    2. open a temporary .txt file
    3. Do for EACH address you own dumpprivkey [address] and save the output in the temporary .txt file
    4. close your wallet
    5. rename your wallet.dat in something like wallet.dat.old
    6. reopen your wallet
    7. now do for every line/private key inside your temporary .txt file importprivkey [privkey]
    8. DELETE the temporary .txt file

    After doing this, you should have your balance back

    A small reminder, when being again toxic/harrasing to us team members, we could might refuse to help you, cause like a german adage:

    Wie man in den Wald hineinruft, so schallt es heraus.

    translated it means something like if you are toxic, we are this too.

    Hope this helps you to get your coins back.

    Captcha issue happens to me in phone very often.

    When it happens, I go to Profile/ Favorites, then acces to the radiostation (through favorites link) and then captcha work properly.

    when it doesnt work normally a reload just helps.

    When timer is expired for "too long" it will show error submitting form. then just a reload and it works fine. when reloaded and error comes again, simply clear cookies then it will work (you need to relogin) When still not working then, it is an issue on the captcha side :)

    Hey guys, like costa said you need to clean the cookies for bitradio website (on Chrome, click on the info symbol reight next to your URL, then go to cookies. There delete everything)

    Me dont have other browser atm, but i think it is similar.

    Here are some pictures to help: