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    When this shit is over. No strength. Do you want to fuck everybody with this captcha?

    No, I don’t like that ;-)

    Please read the messages in this Thread before posting such content.

    To solve this problem, we can disable the Captcha completely for some days. It means, that mostly users don’t become something in these days, because we have no human verify anymore.

    Or we wait until Solvemedia wrote something and you click on „Refresh“ some times to solve your problem!




    We don’t load insecure content. All connections use https.

    We have wrote an Email to Solvemedia. More we cannot do a.t.m., because 4.000+ Users don’t have any issues and the captcha works good.

    We have checked on many devices without Problems.

    Need to wait for an answer from Solvemedia. We cannot do something.

    Sorry about that!

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    The Truth is, that the Client dont work like you think.

    Please read documentation and understand that you DONT have Connections to With Your Client.

    Understand: If your coins are gone, someone knows your Private Keys.

    I dont need to go deep into the "specific problem". Yes there is a problem: With your Computer or your Security.

    Not with

    If you know, how the Client works, you would stop to say thinks like this.

    You try to say, that the Client do thinks that are IMPOSSIBLE at all.

    That the reason, why we don't do something for "your problem". There is NOTHING that we can do.

    Its YOUR Security.

    And if you have some Questions, we can help you every time.

    But we cannot do some "impossible" thinks.


    Please check the differences between Bitcoin, Bitradiocoin, Litecoin and so on.

    See, that the wallets works 99% on the same.

    Why should the Bitradio-Wallet insecure, but Bitcoin is secure?

    The dont have something todo with the Clients.

    These are two different thinks at all.

    We have always follow all Messages from Users. We have do all.

    But, if there is no problem, we cannot change it. Thinks that work, dont need to changed.

    And the Wallet works.

    If you say, the Client is insecure, why should someone Steal your Coins?

    There are MANY MANY MANY Clients, with 2.500 BRO, MANY clients with > 20.000 Coins. And SOME Clients with >100.000 Coins.

    Why should someone steal 200 BRO. Lets him take 20.000 Coins from an other Wallet yes?




    I cannot say something about this. Your Client is on your local Computer or on an Server or something else.

    You are the only how can find out what happened. We dont have access to this.

    Your Wallet don't have connection to Check your PC for Malware or Viruses or something else.

    Check security.

    If you have your Wallet on a Server, check your Server State.

    Big sorry, but we cannot help you with this Problem. We don't have access to Wallets that are not our Wallets. (See how Clients work and see that our Client works like this...)




    If you have coins, you have Private Keys. Without holding private keys, you dont have coins.

    Private Keys are not your Password for the wallet.

    I dont know, what to say now. nobody can manipulate the blockchain.

    Nobody can send coins without your Private Keys.

    Private Keys:




    Sorry, you cannot follow one address. You dont know from wich place these coins come.

    Read how the Wallet works and you will see, that nobody can get your Coins without Private Keys.

    You can also check our Wallet:

    Or someone do you will trust.

    Then you see: Our client is secure like the Other available Client-Currencies.




    There is nobody who can manipulate the Blockchain. You hold your private Keys for yourself. On your PC.

    If someone get your private keys, he can do what he want with your coins.

    It is not possible, that someone change your Balance or send coins from your Wallet without having your wallet.dat or private keys.



    We have find out the problem..

    Please don’t use an deposit-Address from, as an withdraw-Address from!

    Direct-Transfers from

    Masternode => Lottery

    Premium => Lottery

    Masternode => Premium

    And so an are not allowed and results in this problems.

    I will credit your coins to the Masternode Balance today at Midnight. Please use your Addresses for withdraw. Don’t use Addresses for the withdraw.

    Thanks & Greetings


    Yes its normal.

    If you Stake, your Balance will be reduced and you find it under "stake". Your Total-Balance still show the complete Balance.

    After you reach 40 confirmations, your Stake-Balance is zero and your Available-Balance is complete.

    That your Balance shows +1 BRO, means you have Staked two times. One Stake = ~0.5BRO


    Sorry we have checked your TX and cannot find out, that this transaction was send to one of our wallet.

    That’s the reason, why you become the response today.

    We cannot pay for a mistake of others.

    You are always free, to write something about here and on other platforms.

    But you need to think about all. Is it‘s failure, that you send BTC to an address that doesn’t have an connection to us?

    And we don’t understand, why you are unable to create an account with There are 190,000 Users registered. We never changed the registration. It seems to be works. You could create an Account and participate on ICO last year..



    Dear Neilson80,

    We are sorry to hear your have a bad experience.

    We can tell you that the admin (Bo) is not longer in our team. This because of another scam.

    Can you send a transaction ID from your deposite to him?

    We must find a way to solve your problem, and we will do everything we can

    to help you.

    Bitradio Team

    Thank you for you Message about this Issue.

    We have fixed it now.