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    Yes, only if it's written 'You are NOT Connected to Node', you aren't earning Bro. Can you log out and try on an other Browser?

    Yes I can, I'm doing it now.
    I began in Chrome, and I'll try Opera next. If that fails, Firefox is next.

    Swapping browsers didn't do anything. Now moving from Opera to FF.
    |||||EDIT 2|||||
    Switching to FF worked. Thanks for the suggestion!
    |||||END EDITS|||||

    Sometimes reconnection counter is bugged, so there is written you are connected but dont earn coins... Mostly when hitting the captcha within the 10 mins, but sending it will exceed the 10 mins limit... just refresh the page then and press play again, that worked for me

    Refreshing the page didn't work for me this time, but I appreciate the suggestion.

    Within 10 minutes, okay.
    Now that I know, I'll be more vigilant.

    Above the radioplayer, I see: "You are Connected to Node. Reconnect-Counter: 4"
    I presume the "reconnect-counter" wouldn't be notably different for the scope of my questions if it were a "1" and not a "4",
    but I'll note it anyway just for the sake of being thorough.
    I'm only listening to one stream at a time.

    This display is normaly updated every 5 minutes.

    So your stream ist not paid, if that happens.

    No, I know it's not paid, that's literally why I created this topic/thread.
    My streaming is not being metered. If it's not metered, it can't award activity points, and with no activity points, naturally, it's all unpaid.
    Just for the record, it's been over an hour, still not logging minutes.
    I've solved a captcha, it popped up while I was writing this, and I definitely caught it in the 10-min window.
    So I'mma wait ten more minutes, just to see if that was the issue, somehow.
    -ten minutes later-
    Nope, no change at all.
    No time increase, no Activity Points, nothing.

    I have something worth reporting, perhaps.
    I've been monitoring my /payout/ page, because I'm new and watching numbers tick up is fun.
    Anyway, I noticed that I wasn't having any fun, because my numbers weren't increasing.
    It's been, about six hours, and I've only seen my listening time, and my activity points, go up once.
    I'm sitting at my PC, periodically checking for captchas, with my volume on.

    What gives?

    I've listened to this radio station for something like 24 hours over the last few days.
    My "All Time Streamed" should be at LEAST ~1000, assuming for every conceivable variable that might clip minutes off here or there, like not noticing a captcha right away.
    But it isn't, it's at 825, up from 815 several hours of listening ago.

    In the time it took me to search the forums for this problem, only to find no resolution, register an account, and type out this entire message up until this point has taken about 45 minutes.
    I've been listening to this same radio station the whole time.
    When I started all this ~45 minutes ago, my "All Time Streamed" read 825 minutes.
    Currently, it reads 825 minutes.
    :/Now, I'm no mathematician, but that doesn't seem right.:/

    So, not to be redundant, but what gives?
    Will I receive the BRO I was promised for this listening?
    Will at least this minutes listened tracking be repaired, or made to function properly?
    Assuming it is, is there any sort of ETA as to when that will be?

    I like the radio well enough, but I'm here for the BRO, first and foremost.
    I can very easily go back to listening to music the old fashioned way, through Winamp if this doesn't pan out, but I'd much rather also accumulate a small hoard of BRO while putting music on in the BG.

    Thanks in advance for your speedy and comprehensive response.
    -A hopeful new user.