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    Not received from 05.01.2019.

    And when I introduce a captcha, I'm see a message "you not connected to the node". In fact, I'm must do relogin every introduce a captcha :(

    Yes, everything is correct, and this is the problem. Since I listen to the radio every day for 6-9 hours and I introduce a captcha for 3-4 times X/ In Septemer and in October and in November. But receiving BRO every day stopped in October...

    SivyiMerin what is your problem now? Dont you get any stake rewards? They are given out when your node is connected and unlocked for staking (when it is locked) Also then your frequenzy of getting any staking rewards depends on the amount of Bro you own. with my 550 Bro staking I get one reward in like 3-7 days and my wallet is 24/7 online.

    I'm on-line on radio, not wallet

    Trouble in this (do you understand whats is?): :D