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    thanks for puting my station back up but the sound is not working , i don't know why , the link i gave for the station may have been wrong , here is the website link , but notice there are 2 players on that website studio A and Studio B the players will not start unless the player button is pushed , i only had studio A before but it would be great if they both could be used , if not Stuio A is fine , but i don't know why it was working before and not now , here is the link to the website thank you for your time and i am sorry if i messed up the first link i just found links that play through tunein. but i don't know what the policy is for rebroadcasting tuneins stream but here is studio A and here is studio B i hope this helps thanks again

    Station Name: revolution radio

    Description: The web radio station is a free speech station with over 50 different hosts that deal with history science politics and many other of todays issues , this is an alternative station dedicated to truth

    Short Description: free speech where anyone can host a show if they want to

    Stream URL: --- studio A


    Continent: america

    Country: USA

    City: lebenon , kentucky

    Genres: general topics on todays issues

    Note : this station was already here but its not working anymore please re add it for me , there is also a studio B at the same station same address if you could add that as well i would be greatfull

    my station i listen to since i started has no sound , it says station needs update , this started as soon as the station came back on after the maintenance here is the station name and the link to where i have been listening to it. Also i will provide the website link of the station itself Thank you

    Revolution Radio Studio A - Webradio LIVE…ion%20Radio%20Studio%20A/

    i would very much like to add Revolution radio also known as they are a listener supported station with 2 studios that are generally going 24 hours a day , they have aproximatly 75 host that all do their own shows with the freedom to talk about any subject you can think of , this station also has a chatroom on their page that you can interact with many of the host and listeners on the station, the host generally do interviews with authors , scientist historians and just about any topic they choose thats why its called freedoms lips . none of the host are paid they are all volunteer and anyone can host their own show after being vetted by staff .

    the website is

    there are 2 players on the site , player A and Player B this is totally listener supported on donations but is free for everyone

    thank you very much