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    I hate computers, so I finally got everything syunc, had to change my wallet address because I was using the wrong one apparently, or it changed in my downloading of the block chain or something no big deal, only got 1 bro Coin so far, so I tried encrypting my wallet it ended up not responding after I put it in, closed the Wallet and now this is coming up when I try to open the wallet.

    I had to crop the hell out of the photo to upload it it's a runaway exception.

    I have no idea how to fix it I tried deleting the file but it's running somewhere else went there to delete it and I can't find the name of the file.

    Ok so I've done everything downloaded the block chain correctly, took me to 6 or 4 weeks can't remember, was syncing correctly, however now I seem to be stuck at 4 days at block 378767, closed the Wallet and restarted hoping that will help but if it doesn't, what do I do? I don't want to lose everything I have syunc so far.

    So I know that we are allowed to have a maximum of 4 accounts per ip address and Wallet as long we don't use our own refferal links, however, I was wondering if we needed 4 separate devices to run the 4 accounts or if we could just use 4 separate browser windows on the same computer.

    Thank you for helping, I have done it now, I hope I did everything correctly, I had to redownload the Wallet I tried doing another guide at the same time and ended up deleting something and it wouldn't even load the wallet but everything seems to be going alright now the speed of the sync seems to be a lot faster.