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    Hi. Thank you for answer. Shortly:

    - I using one device only. My Macbook Pro

    - I using one tab for radio listening and one tab is opened for profile page

    - I don't have any additional bistreams in browser

    From other side I can record video with comments. In this case I will send PM. If you will, of course.


    Costa, thank you for your reply. Let me answer.

    1. "You are NOT connected to the node". Look at this station, please. I Listen this station for 4 hours with regular page refresh every 30 minutes. Nothing changed! I got "You re NOT connected to the node" every time.

    2. Better way is disconnect stream for listener, I guess. For example. Every listener had a quota 20 hours per 24h. If you over this time, you can listen radio, but without BRO earning. In this case you can decide problem with multi-accounts and bots. What about this? Auto logout is not good and beautiful decision for users. All that you will get is angry.

    3 and 4. How and where I can found stations from Favorite list? And why I should do that. All what I want to have is listen my favorites and enjoy. I don't want looking for this every time.... If you destroyed Database records, what about backup? You can restore back up and import destroyed data to current Database. This is not so big problem, I guess.


    Dear Support Team.

    I have couple of problem with your service for the last 6 month.

    First of all often I get message "You're not connected to the node" when I start listen station. This is problem presents about 98% of all stations from my favorite list.

    Secondly, is automatic logout. Why you do that? Your service works unstable. And I control how BRO earning. So, I want to stay logged always! Why you logout me automatically with few days frequency?

    Third problem I got few days ago. I lost ALL stations from my favorite list except one (Holland radio). How I can return it back?

    Also problem is about stations itself. Few days ago stations plays normally. For example Holland radio plays normally. Now it doesn't work! I don't hear sound from many stations!

    I using MacOS "High Sierra" 10.13.6, Firefox 66.0. Cookies are cleaned.

    And all of this problems make me angry already. I waited many month, but now I'm full of angry... Really.. guys... Can you make good product or not?