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    currently there are a few shares of masternodes to buy.

    But when I click on "buy", all I get is this empty dialog.

    The network monitor also tells me, that the response is empty.

    How can I buy masternode shares now?

    You can somewhat follow the development process in their GitHub repository.

    That being said, they announced on Twitter, that it may be taking a few more days, due to an issue that they found in the first public version.

    They have since removed the broken version and are working an making sure that the new version is free from major issues.


    even after multiple days, my estimate for the amount of coins mined is stuck at 0.

    Is there any information regarding those?

    In the video detailing the process, there have been multiple payouts per day (once per hour per algorithm) but even after multiple days, nothing has changed on my end.

    The hash rate is reported, though and my client has all shares accepted.