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    Of course im a not against an antibot system, if it works right.
    Doing one after a specific period of time is goodm as it was so far at some point.
    But now we have to do, 2 of them in a row, so that the counter keeps running.
    I am in a radio station, then i want to go to the profile, and the new one
    (Black screen with the red verify me button on the left ) appears.
    Why do i need to do a recaptcha again to see my profile....?
    Once during login and another one for the radio counter are enough i think.
    All the rest are needless.
    Im hoping in a fast solution.
    A bit of edit here.
    I think that google's recapthca is the best out there at the moment.
    So this is the one to have in spite the fuss.

    Arent we doing enough with this crap already? Now you added a new one?
    We have to do a recaptcha during login, then another one when we choose a station, then when the time is up, we have to enter another one.'
    And since this is not enough, a new one appears now.
    The screen goes all black, the recaptcha appears on the left screen with a Red Verify Me button, below it.
    After you do this, you need to do another one so that the counter for the radio station, keeps counting.
    I think you need to get serious people and start fixing annoyances like this one.
    It is unreal.

    Im pretty sure yes. Refreshed more than 10 times two different pages, in order
    for it to work again....
    I believe its that ddos protection crap causing the trouble, cause in the URL
    when the 403 appears, it writes blazing fast and some other things.
    If it happens again i will copy paste.

    It hasnt changed.
    There was a problem with the payouts not getting paid every hour, like ti used to be.
    and for like more than a day, everything was accumulating on Balance.
    If you check your payouts you will notice that.

    The problem is not on my side.
    I have cleaned everything several times and still....
    Right now nothing works. all i get is, 403 forbidden.
    No radio stations, no profile, nothing....

    why is https only when using google?
    While using firefox or internet explorer its http only.
    And btw what is going on today, time after time, with the 403 forbidden in google chrome?
    Cant access anything without it appearing, not even radio stations.

    If you want to sent your BRO to cryptopia just use the SEND function in the wallet.
    There is no need to put the address of cryptopia in order to get your payments
    from the raido.
    As you have read that was one of the problems, for the delisting in the first place.
    SO why doing that?

    I got what you mean.
    I am using the wallet normally., so all transactions go to bitradio wallet.
    So because of some "smarties" not to use other words, which would have been
    appropriate also, we lost Cryptopia from what it seems, and we may loose
    the other wallets as well...
    Cant you find them and start banning?
    Or somehow bind bitradio wallets with the webpage, so the payments go to addresses generated, from the bitrad wallet only?

    So the payments are hourly.
    Had more than 2200 Activity points, few minutes ago when the last payment occurred, and yet the Balance stayed 0... after the hourly reset on activity points.
    And of course it is not appearing on Payouts.
    So what happened to the payment?
    Same thing yesterday also.
    Almost three hours with the radio running and i got paid almost nothing.
    Can you please check it out?
    Thank you.
    A bit of an edit and info here.
    Logged today about 90 minutes, before the last Payment-Activity points reset,
    that happened about 20 minutes ago, and i got 0.
    So what has happened? Why no points?
    Another edit.
    I am getting really annoyed and angry with the situation lately about payments.
    For a whole hour i got about 1300 activity points, cause the freaking recaptcha appeared, didnt click fast enough and lost the points.
    Do you know that if the effin recapthca appears, like a minute before the hourly payment and reset and i dont click it right the second it appears, i lose the payment for the whole hour?
    This is silly...
    And about the freaking recaptcha.
    Clicking 7 images in a row? 7? wth And not that i did a single mistake in any of them. 7 images, like i dont have anything better to do than doing recaptcha all day.
    And i know you cant set it up differently, cause it is not up to you,
    but it is extremely annoying the very least.

    Why the payouts have dropped that much?
    It is always in the 0.01 region and some times even below that....
    And by the way it is impossible to sign up in Novaexchange...
    So that leaves us with Trasesatoshi only.