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    Is there a guide on how to?
    Will the total amount of bro, be transferred upon the installation?
    Or we have to do more like back up and transfers.
    No idea how that works.
    BTW, is that the reason, why the price dropped that much?
    So the admin left....
    Who has an idea, how and what to do here, to change wallets and get the balance transferred.
    Please reply...
    Thank you in advance.

    Problem with the payouts again.
    Im not gaining any activity points today.
    From not at all for hours, to a small percentage of it...
    In about 3 hours, all ive got is 1175 activity points and 0.01 bro !!!

    A bit of an update.
    Tried several times yesterday, with the problem happening every time i was opening
    the wallet.
    I was leaving it for a while and then was shutting it down.
    Didnt want the HD to keep doing this.
    So it finally synchronized and i closed it down.
    Started browsing and about half an hour later the hard disk started beeping and scratching in a loop so hard you would thing it was about to explode.
    I used the power button to immediately turned the laptop off.
    Waited a couple of minutes then restarted. Everything was fine after that.
    Today opened the wallet it needed 24 hrs to synch, and now it is stuck on 20 hrs.
    Opening it closing it, then reopening.
    Nothing... its still 20 hrs.
    So definitely it was the wallet causing some trouble to the Hard disk.
    I just hope it wasnt something serious or permanent.
    Now about the synching, what to do?

    I started today the wallet for update and suddenly the hard disk started
    beeping and scratching like crazy.
    I didnt know what the cause was at first, so i started closing programs.
    The moment i closed the wallet it stopped.
    Closed everything and started the wallet only and then the hard disk started again
    None of this has happened before, with any of the programs im using.
    Is is so intense, the beeping and scratching, that it looks like the hard disk will crash.
    I have started the wallet 4 times so far, and it does it in every single time.
    So i am closing the wallet every time, not letting it finish, with the update.
    And again no other programs in my computer has ever done that so far.
    And it all started today for some reason...
    Anyone else experiencing the same thing?

    The joke is on you ! ! !
    Cause if you had noticed, i have already posted my address in the specific thread,
    the one posted by the admin.
    Which is the place, we need to post our addresses for the offer.
    The ones im talking about, is the ones opening a new thread every time just to post their address, which isnt not the place or way to do it.
    Imagine 500 users, to open 500 different threads just to post their address.
    You got it now, or should i make this more simple ?

    If the game you are playing is not a Browser one, you can use Windows speakers
    under mix to change the sound for every program separately.
    I am not having the problem with the script in any of the browsers, so this is, a problem you are facing personally.
    You are definitely doing something wrong, cause I have to use the Captcha, if i only log out from bitrad, or do a system clean up.
    Save your login details in your browser, and DO NOT log out, just close the tab, when you want to turn your pc off. That way, you wont have to login every time, thus not doing the captcha.

    The activity points are converted to Balance from time to time, but the balance
    does not get paid. Instead it goes to 0 after some point, and it starts over again.
    Dont you think it is time to answer some questions already here, and provide some support?
    Instead of answering to another forum saying you are busy?
    Is this the end of this site or not......cause the way i see it you are done with it....

    Like the title says, i have confirmed why i havent got a payment all day yesterday and
    Due to a couple of stations not paying.
    I did change stations to check it out, and the meter started running again.
    Went back to the ones i used to listen and it stopped once more.
    Here are the two i have confirmed, that the dont pay any more :'s/
    This is getting very frustrating, really.
    21 days ago, i took the time to go through some lists and reported all stations that didnt work.
    I saw nothing happened and i didnt check form more since what i did was a waste of time obviously.
    21 days have passed and all the stations that do not play are up.
    Now besides that problem, from the stations that do not play, we have the addition
    of the stations that do play but do not pay at all..
    You need to step up on it at some point. Soon very soon.
    It is not easy at all, finding a station that you like to hear and also paying.
    We are talking about inconvenience.